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Dr.Dragos Iorgulescu General Surgeon 
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No Gap inpatient policy

Dr Dragos Iorgulescu has a "NO GAP" inpatient policy for services provided in the hospital.  If you have private health hospital insurance and you require surgery, we will send your account directly to your health fund*.  This means that there will be NO "out of pocket" expenses for Dr Iorgulescu’s account, as your health fund and Medicare cover the entire cost of your procedure.

*Dependent upon your eligibility with your health fund. Most private health funds in Australia are eligible.

Please also note that we cannot vouch for other costs in your hospitalisation (eg Anaesthetists), as they individually determine their own billing systems.  Most or our anaesthetists do not charge gaps over and above what your insurance covers you. The level of your private health cover also determines if you have to pay an Excess (Top Cover = nil excess).

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