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Epididymal cyst

Epididymal cyst is a lump present in the sperm collecting tube situated above testicles. They are localized and do not spread to the other parts. These cysts develop in adults at the age of 40. The occurrence is rare in children.

The cysts are identified by scrotal scanning. Often epididymal cysts require no treatment however when the condition causes severe pain and if they increase in size surgery may be performed to remove the cysts. The surgery is performed under general or local anesthesia. An incision is made on scrotum skin exposing the testicle, the cyst is removed from the epididymis and the incision is sutured using dissolving sutures.

Surgery is associated with minor complications such as bleeding, damage to spermatic cord causing testicle shrinkage that may pose fertility problems, and the recurrence.

Practicing some of the preventive measures may help the healing faster and safer. The wound dressings should be removed after 48 hours; soap, bath oils, talcum powder should be avoided until the wound heals; physical exercises should be avoided for few weeks; and pain medications should be continued as prescribed.

Visit your doctor after 10–14 days to check for wound healing.

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